Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Project Team Reviews Progress

Today the project team met to review progress to date. One of the details discussed was the new drip edge on the bottom of the dome. The drip edge will help keep water away from the wood as it runs off the dome roof.

Another detail discussed was the fit of the corner boards for the upper two sections of the tower. Used to create a better barrier for water, the corner boards allow the siding to meet flush without creating any extra openings. In the image (clockwise) the project team of Pam Bailey and Chick Milford from Lee Kennedy Co.; David Storeygard, AIA, from Tellalian Associates Architects & Planners; Judy Selwyn from Preservation Technology Associates; and Matt, a carpenter from M&A Architectural Preservation, discuss the corner boards at stage two of the tower.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Initials Discovered in the Dome

During the process of water-testing and sealing the tower dome, the project team has uncovered initials on the dome's framing. Dating to the 18th century, the timbers that create the framing for the tower dome are some of the oldest pieces of the Old State House. The initials, IR, are found on the center vertical timber. IR was probably a craftsman who built the dome framing in 1748.