Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Windows Come Home

Starting yesterday and continuing today, the windows for the Old State House tower returned from the woodworking shop. The windows, dating to 1882, went through a full restoration that involved stripping the paint and glaze, repairing the sash, finishing with reglazing, and repainting. The windows will be installed over the week and are one of the final pieces to go into place.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Project Team Profile

Name: Pam Bailey

Title: Project Manager

Company: Lee Kennedy Co.

How long have you done this? I have been with Lee Kennedy for 10 years and in the construction business for 15 years.

What is most rewarding about this project? The unique opportunity to look through a window at building and construction in the 18th century while participating in preservation with 21st century knowledge. Also, being part of a team that is so cohesive in its mission and shared respect for not only the building but each individual’s contribution to the project.

Painting Begins

Last week the crew from Wall Dimensions began painting the tower. For this project we are using an oil-based paint from Benjamin Moore. We are using oil so that the paint will fail before the wood. If we had used common latex paint, the paint would hold too well, preventing wet wood underneath from drying properly and also hiding problems with the wood.