Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Project Team Profile

Name: Bill Barlow

Title: Senior Historical Architect

Company: Boston National Historic Park, National Park Service

How long have you done this? I have on and off worked for the National Park Service for over thirty two years. I started as an intern architect in 1969, worked for the Denver Service Center, then in 1979 headed up the preservation programs/projects in Lowell for the NPS as the Assistant Superintendent, and for the last eleven years as a Senior Historical Architect for the NPS. In addition I also worked for Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and had/have my own private practice.

What is most rewarding about this project? There are many rewarding aspects of the project. First is to be part of a committed team that sees the preservation of the OSH and its tower as a rare opportunity to leave a legacy to the City and its history. I also find it very rewarding to learn and share insights on how best to preserve the tower with the team. It is a very heady feeling to step back and see one of our nation's icons looking good and know that your fingerprints are all over the building.

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